Frequently asked questions, answered.


  • What is a NOC?

    NOC stands for Network Operations Center, and the Guardian NOC at our headquarters in Franklin, TN is the backbone to all the services we offer. Per the requirements of the Telecommunications Industry Association, it meets the requirements of a Tier 3 data center.

  • Does Guardian services provide support on Sunday?

    Yes! Guardian was built and tailored to meet the church’s most pressing needs - which definitely includes expert support during weekend services.

  • How can you help if you don’t have an office in my area?

    All Guardian services and capabilities utilize high performance technology tools that are unencumbered by geographic location or time zone.

  • What about portable set-ups?

    Guardian by Mankin is designed to work with both permanent and portable AVL systems.

  • What if Mankin was not my integrator?

    As long as the standard requirements of a Guardian qualified system are met, Guardian services are available to all organizations, regardless of whether or not Mankin Media Systems was the integrator.


  • What is Guardian Protect?

    Guardian Protect maximizes your investment in production technology by keeping your systems in top operating condition during the week. Learn More.

  • What is Guardian LifeLine?

    Guardian LifeLine connects your staff and volunteers to subject matter experts through real-time communication when they need them most. Learn More.

  • What is Guardian GameFilm?

    Guardian GameFilm is your church’s experience insurance, providing a solution for evaluating, coaching, and measuring performance. Learn More.

  • What is Guardian SlipStream?

    Guardian SlipStream makes multi-site video teaching over public internet achievable, affordable, and consistently excellent. Learn More.

  • What is Guardian GameFilm + Content?

    Guardian GameFilm + Content is a monitoring service that combines the archiving capability of GameFilm with professional evaluation and reporting of your weekly experience. Learn More.

  • What is Guardian SlipStream + LTE Redundancy Backup?

    Guardian SlipStream + LTE Backup will provide 99.99% reliability by providing LTE-based internet service for your stream transmission and/or reception sites. Learn More.


  • How much do the services cost?

    Each Guardian service is priced according to the specifications of your site, in addition to the number of sites to be covered by the service. Want a quote? Awesome! Contact us.

  • What is the pricing structure?

    Guardian services are designed around 36 month agreements. Based on each individual organization's fiscal preferences, this can be broken into monthly or annual payments.

  • Do I have to buy any equipment?

    There is no equipment for any Guardian customer to buy or maintain. At the start of any new agreement, there is a one-time setup fee for Guardian by Mankin to come and install all necessary equipment. Guardian remains solely responsible for the upkeep and servicing of all Guardian installed equipment.