Guardian GameFilm

Providing a game-changing solution for evaluating, coaching, and measuring the performance of communicators, music teams, and technical artists.

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When the success of your experience is highly correlated to technology performance, simultaneously keeping a watchful eye on the content itself can be tricky. Guardian GameFilm is your church’s experience insurance.

Utilizing this state of the art tool gives your team access to real time service review and 30 days of archive for every event that utilizes the GameFilm covered production systems. With this solution, your staff will be equipped to engage in evaluating, tracking, coaching, and measuring performance like never before. When you add GameFilm to the Guardian Protect and Lifeline services, the Guardian NOC can also leverage the same GameFilm advantages for your production systems. In other words, if there is a suspect issue we can go back in time to investigate what happened, and proactively see problems coming before your local staff may even be aware of them.


Guardian GameFilm + Content

Guardian GameFilm + Content is a monitoring service that combines the archiving capability of GameFilm with professional evaluation and reporting of your weekly experience. Our Mankin Experience Engineers will work with your team to develop a ministry service specification and automatically evaluate and note issues for each service at every campus location. We will deliver a weekly report to your leadership team to use in evaluating the service experience at campus locations.

What’s Included

  • Automatic 24/7 recording and access to high-definition video feeds from each location under LifeLine management

  • Content archiving and evaluation platform

  • View your entire experience at every connected environment in one web portal from anywhere in the world, even from your iPhone!

  • Scrub services in web portal via real-time DVR

  • Guardian NOC can see all of your content and monitor changes as they happen

  • 14 day high resolution, 30 day proxy streams service archive - review, troubleshoot, investigate

  • Ability to mark and export high resolution clips of service recordings to your local machine in order to share with your team

  • Multi-user access and user-specific permission management

  • No equipment to
    buy or maintain