Guardian Protect

Bringing comprehensive system schematics, monitoring, preventive maintenance, and service management into one platform.

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Often times, production issues that manifest themselves on the weekend can be discovered and dealt with in advance with the right systems and tools in place. Guardian Protect is designed to maximize your investment in production technology by keeping your systems in top operating condition during the week.

Protect service delivers proactive monitoring and support of all of your critical Guardian-capable production systems through SNMP monitoring, environmental sensors, and power quality sensors. From this technology, a thorough documentation package is created to enable Mankin engineers to quickly define, diagnose, and resolve problems efficiently. This allows you to ensure smooth operation of the production systems as a whole, as well as proactively avoid pitfalls that could impede a broadcast without the need for additional contracted or full time church staffing.

What’s Included

  • 9am-5pm CDT on-demand weekday non-event phone/remote/NOC support

  • SNMP and sensor monitoring of all qualified technical systems

  • Includes troubleshooting, configuration, and issue support

  • Coordination of manufacturer depot warranty/out-of warranty repairs

  • 4 hours monthly access to “Riverguide” expert consulting services

  • Preventive maintenance program development and management

  • Onsite PM/training visit (frequency depends on product purchased)

  • 40% discount on standard and emergency on-site break/fix service rates

  • Access to “cost plus” volume purchasing plan for box sales of production equipment

  • No equipment to
    buy or maintain