Guardian SlipStream

Making consistent excellent delivery of multi-site video teaching achievable and affordable.

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Delivering multi-site video teaching is proving to be an increasingly vital component to many churches expansion strategy. Guardian SlipStream is the high performance technology solution that makes that process over public internet achievable, affordable, and consistently excellent.

SlipStream is a hardware based encoding/decoding platform employing open broadcast standards with robust packet recovery that ensures consistent high bitrate performance over public IP. Available in both single stream and dual-stream configurations with passthrough of up to 8 channels of embedded audio as well as timecode, SlipStream also connects your team directly to our expert engineers in the NOC to ensure your system is running as it should be.


Guardian SlipStream + LTE Redundancy Backup

Guardian SlipStream + LTE Backup will provide 99.99% reliability by providing backup, automatic fall-over, secondary LTE-based internet service for your stream transmission and/or reception sites. This ensures that even if your primary internet service provider experiences a service outage during your broadcast, your audience will never know the difference.

What’s Included

  • High-definition broadcast-standard content distribution for multi-site campuses

  • Provides highly reliable, managed stream transmission and playback for content

  • Includes all hardware and software required for the life of the Guardian relationship

  • Cloud-managed infrastructure with access to Guardian NOC engineers during Sunday broadcast periods

  • Includes IP intercom support station and connection to Guardian NOC

  • Provides time-slipped playout of content through cloud or on premise DVR solution

  • Supports 720p or 1080i HD standards

  • Capable of supporting dual synchronized video streams for center and program/IMAG content

  • 2 channel stereo embedding of balanced analog audio standard

  • SlipStream supports up to 8 channels of audio encoding and decoding pass through of pre-embedded HD-SDI source audio upon request

  • Supports pass-through of timecode embedded in source HD-SDI feed

  • Optional LTE backup solution provides additional stream transmission reliability or lower bitrate backup stream

  • No equipment to
    buy or maintain